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Qualifications: Webster University, MS University of Missouri-Columbia, BS

Mrs. Summer Kelley

I have been teaching for 19 years.  I have a wide range of experience when it come to teaching.  I spent my college days working in a preschool where I fell in love with the toddler age, but continued to pursue my degree in elementary education and landed my first job in second grade. I taught second grade in Lee's Summit for 6 years before getting married and moving to Liberty to open Liberty Oak's Elementary as a third grade teacher.  After 3 years, I decided to follow my curiosity which took me out of my comfort zone and into Liberty Middle School where I found my new love, math and middle school-aged students, but one thing you should know about me is that I like change and I think change can be good for everyone. Change is what brings me to Liberty Academy.  After 9 years of teaching middle school math, I was excited for a change and Liberty Academy is the perfect fit for me.  I am happy to be at a school that is designed to meet the needs of students is such a way that students drive their own learning.  The students at Liberty Academy have already taught me so much about life. I used to wake up each morning worried about what I was going to teach that day and if I was going to have time to cram it all in a 45 min class period, but in a few short weeks LA students have taught me that there's more to school than what's on the teacher's agenda.  What I love are the morning conversations we have on our walks during PE to start our day, or the chats we have during our circle time, or the fun we have reading a book together, or the smile from a student when asking me how my day is going.  My perspective on what's "important"  has forever changed.  Thank you Liberty Academy students!  

My free time is spent with my husband, Casey and two children, Laken and Hadley. We enjoy spending time with our extended families and hanging out at Table Rock Lake.  The rest of the time, our schedules are filled with baseball and gymnastics.