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Qualifications: University of Kansas; BS

Mr. Art Smith


As a quick note about myself, I’m in my 17th year of teaching Social Studies with the Liberty Public Schools. I taught 8th grade Social Studies at Liberty Junior High (now Heritage Middle School) for 14 years and am currently in my 2nd year of teaching Social Studies at LNHS.   I attended high school at the Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences in Kansas City, Kansas from 1989-1993 and attended the University of Kansas for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I’m also the head boys soccer and tennis coach at Liberty North High School. Up to this point in my teaching career I’ve tried almost every way possible to help kids derive meaning in what they’re learning. We’ve carved canoes, built Conestoga wagons, and done numerous archeological digs at antebellum homes. Inside the classroom we’ve used a standards based philosophy, hopefully in its most true sense for the last five years.  Personal responsibility, autonomy, mutual respect, and organic learning are the key anchors that allow our daily environment to be successful.  My wife has taught with LPS for 15 years as well and our family is firmly rooted in our local schools and community.